Capture and digitize your film images in short time

Slide the filmstrip into the leading frame of the device. The built in LED lamp illuminates the positioned negative image from below.

Place the phone on the device. Position it in height to find the focus distance depending on your built-in camera. Fix the position of the phone for the whole process.
The built-in spirit level helps with alignment.

The photographed negative image can easily be converted into a positive image with your Camera app and post-processed if necessary. Everything within your on phone device!

Film Capturing Appliance for your Mobile Phone

Use your mobile phone for capturing and converting your 35mm analog film negatives. No more cumbersome and slow scanning of your film negatives.

It has never been easier to digitize your Film Negatives

No complicated file transfer for converting and editing on your computer.

Together with our capturing appliance you can manage the entire workflow. Use your own phone for the whole process.

Capture, convert, edit and save your images in one operation, Using your own phone together with our appliance.